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International Thespian Society

Troupe 3696 | Chartered 1984

The International Thespian Society is committed to high-quality high school Theatre. The Society was established in 1929 by a group of college and high school teachers in Fairmont, West Virginia.  They named their organization after the Greek Thespis, who was, according to legend, the first actor.  Their guiding principle was a dedication to excellence in theatre arts in secondary school.  In the 85 years since, the Society has grown into an international organization with more than a million members, but its goals haven’t changed:  to make the schools a place for good theatre and to honor those students who do theatre well.


2023/24 School Year

Thespian Board

Hanna Boland
Benjamin Dobrowits
Molly Domski
Benjamin Doss
Cedar Erato
Dylan Gray
Hannah Janicik
Ayahmi Johnson
Ember Kerr
Hjordis Leuteritz
Nathan Lipkin
Laura Mendoza-Sanchez
Lily Trimmel
Elizabeth Twomey

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