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2019 - Present


Jerry Awards 2020 - Outstanding Musical

Little Shop Of Horrors

LauraAnderle  Direction
Michael McDowell  Music Direction
Trinny Schumann  Music Direction
Christal Wagner  Choreography
Sydney Bub  Stage Management
Colleen Lentz  Scenic Design
Michelle Pendzich  Costume Design
Lisa Weinshrott-Kimmel  Lighting Design
Michael Kimmel  Lighting Design
Paul Kneevers  Sound Design
Kat Kneevers  Sound Design

Jerry Awards 2019

Mamma Mia!

Laura Anderle  Direction
Michael McDowell  Music Direction
Trinny Schumann  Music Direction
Christal Wagner  Choreography
Yoana Petrinski  Stage Management
Sydney Bub  Stage Management
Colleen Lentz  Scenic Design
Michelle Pendzich  Costume Design
Lisa Weinshrott-Kimmel  Lighting Design
Michael Kimmel  Lighting Design
Paul Kneevers  Sound Design
Kat Kneevers  Sound Design

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